Party Info:

Date:_______ Time In: _______ Time Out:________ Number in Party: (max 4) _________


  • Was the outside neat?
  • Comments:
  • Were the bathrooms clean and stocked?
  • Comments:
  • Any other overall appearance / building comments:


  • Were you greeted in a timely manner? (Less than one minute):
  • Was the server neat and well groomed?
  • Did the server give you their name (If so, who was it)?
  • Did the server greet you with a smile?
  • Did your server ask you for ID?
  • Did the server offer any up-sells to drinks?
  • Did the server explain our food and/or drink specials?
  • Did the server off you a menu?
  • Did the server engage you in conversation?
  • Did the server offer to refill drinks before they were empty?
  • Did the server thank you for your business AND ask you to return?

Food Service:

  • Did the server make any food suggestions?
  • Did the food come out in a timely fashion? (Do you know how long it took?)
  • Was the quality of the food appealing? (taste)
  • Was the presentation of the food positive? (look)
  • Did the server offer any deserts?

Overall Dining Experience:

  • Did the server keep the table clear of empty glasses and dirty dishes?
  • Did a manager check on your table while you were there?
  • Did you have any problems? If so – were they handled to your satisfaction?
  • Did you enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant?
  • Based on your visit, would you visit the restaurant again?
  • Based on your visit, would you recommend this restaurant to a friend?

Additional Thoughts / Observations: