Hurricane Pizza Grill is always looking for new and interesting ways of entertaining our customers! We are especially fond of new and innovative ideas from local talent that otherwise might not get a shot to share their gifts with the world!

*** We are no longer booking live bands for entertainment. We are currently re-evaluating our live entertainment offerings. Unfortunately, we have learned that having a “D.J.” playing songs on a typical night results in $1500 in sales at a cost of about $155. The average bands bring in $500 less during the same period and costs more.  

 You are certainly welcome to fill out the contact form below – but we don’t want to mislead anyone as to the chances of us booking any live bands at this point. *****

Hurricane bases our entertainment decisions on:

  • Crowd Appeal – We are an adult / family oriented business. We’re not looking for overly loud / shocking / offensive acts. While we have no problem with getting wild or showing our naughty side, we’re not looking have any mosh-pits or riots on our hands. (Customers posting positive feedback on our social media pages plays a big part in being invited back.)
  • Cost of Service – While price isn’t a deal-breaker, we are more likely to take a chance on you if we’re not risking a lot of money to do it. For most entertainment we have a standard “pay based on sales” formula. (see details below)

Please fill out the form (below) with as much information as you can share. We review applications for entertainment on a weekly basis and will get back to you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE Band / Entertainment Pay: The onus of success lies solely on the ability of bands to draw and fill the place.  There is a significant amount of people who decide not to come to the bar during a live entertainment evening because they don’t like that, that’s fine. Sometimes a Saturday night with no music or event is better then a Saturday night with entertainment that is unable to draw. The pressure though is doubled for our entertainers to draw.

In order for us to continue with Live Bands we can only afford to pay 25% of bar sales (food+drink) from 9p-end of show (12:30/1am). This protects us from a poor drawing event, and allows for a win-win if a band can get 50 people to show up and spend money.

A successful Saturday Event night is 500.00 in sales per hour from 9-12.  Then another 250 12-1a. That comes to 1750 in sales, 25% of that number is 437.50. There will be an easy 30-50 people in the bar on a Saturday evening, to get those sales numbers to a ‘Success Point’ an event needs to draw another 50 people.

We can only promote so much and since we are not primarily a music venue we just don’t have the ability to direct the time needed to market bands like a larger cub can.

Booking Contact

  • The name of your organisation or primary contact.
  • Note: Typically we start our entertainment at 9:00 pm and end at 12:30-ish.
  • If you are not willing to work with our "percentage of sales" pay plan, what is your set price? (Although we will not automatically disqualify you - we will always book acts that work with our pay schedule first.)